Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting Needle Travel Pouch

2 fat quarters
measuring tape
rotary cutter & mat (optional)
sewing machine
needle and thread for hand sewing

The below measurments will accomodate needles up to 11" long. You will need to add width for longer needles.

Step 1
Start with 2 fat quarters that are washed, dried, and ironed:

Step 2
Choose the fabric that is to be the outside of your pouch. Mine is the floral. Cut a rectangle that measures 6.5" tall by 12" wide.
Using the fabric that is to be the inside of your pouch, cut a rectangle that measures 7.75" tall by 12" wide.

Step 3
With right sides together, align the rectangles to the right and pin:

Step 4
Using a 1/4" seem allowance, sew down the right side:

Step 5
Align left sides together. Pin and sew down the left side:

Step 6
Turn inside out. Position your outside fabric (the floral) in the center of the two strips of inside fabric (the cream). Iron flat:

Step 7
Fold the left side in 2" :

Step 8
Fold the right side in 1.5" and pin down the center :

Step 9
Sew both ends using the following method. First sew end using a straight 1/4" seam allowance. Next, zig-zag stitch to secure. Snip threads. :

Step 10
Remove pins and turn pouch inside out. Use a knitting needle to gentley push corners if needed. :

Step 11
Hand sew a snap in the center of your pouch:

Step 12
Insert your knitting needles into pouch, snap closed, and travel away!
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