Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This evening I attended my aunt's birthday party. My mother and I used the movie Chocolat as our inspiration. Art Nest was there too...see the tea towels laid across the french bread baskets (which we used to serve the meal in)...I made one for each of the guests as a party favor. They also doubled as place cards. The tea towels are hand stamped with my bird and the individual guests name. What's my favorite part? Besides the crepes filled with chocolate mousse and topped with fresh strawberries...I get to keep the two quilts (used as table cloths) in exchange for the many tea towels I created...simply lovely!

Today I had an 'ah-ha' moment with the zipper installation. I really can't tell you how much easier the 'right way' is. I decided to forget the band at the wasn't functional - and you know at the Art Nest I'm trying to live and create more simply. I now need to work on polishing the details: 1) lining up the zipper in the center 2) sewing closer to the zipper 3) what is my new fascination with zippers anyway?!
I carved the little bird stamp by hand several months ago and she's appearing on lots of my creations these days. I have recently been neglecting my block prints - my first love. Poor, lonely printing supplies~