Thursday, January 1, 2009

Felt Barrette Tutorial

Inspired by Angry Chicken. I tried my best to sew them on my machine, but I could NOT sew on the lines very straight. So, I improvised and hand stitched some barrettes instead.


A- Felt (I love wool felt, but the craft felt works well to)!
B- Fabric pen
C- Embroidery or Craft Thread
D- Scissors
E- Needle
F- Snap Barrettes (I found them for a good price at a beauty supply store)

Step 1

Trace barrette twice onto your felt using your fabric pen.
Step 2

On one of your traced felt barrettes, mark in-between the back snap as shown in picture (in red).
Step 3

Cut out your barrettes about 1/8" from the trace lines.
Step 4

Cut a slit from red dot to red dot.
Step 5

Thread your needle and knot your thread on one end.
Step 6

Sandwich the two felt barrette pieces together and bring thread up through the skinny end of the top felt piece (this will hide your knot).
Step 7

Blanket-stitch up to the wide end of the felt sandwich and stop stitching.
Step 8

Slide the metal barrette into the sandwich sliding the skinny snap through the slit in the back felt piece. See the pictures. Now snap the metal barrette shut.
Step 9

Continue to blanket-stitch back to the starting point, enclosing the metal barrette as you go. Turn barrette over (as shown in picture), knot and cut your thread.
Finished Barrette:

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