Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday list about me:

1. I like dragging out ALL of my art supplies and then organize them back into neat little piles and containers.

2. I eat raw brownie batter when no one is looking

3. I purposefully killed my child's goldfish (and still feel guilty)

4. I shaved my head once to prove to myself that beauty is on the inside

5. I married my high school sweetheart

6. I want to learn French

7. I talk to myself in the car

8. I have a goal to read all of the Newberry Honor Award books

9. I could stay home for weeks without leaving

10. I experience hallucinogenic sleep paralysis (hypnagogia)

11. Middle Eastern food is my favorite

12. My best friend lives 1873.29 miles away

13. I snuggle with my children when they are asleep

14. I don't have any tattoos, although I am desperate for some sparrows on my forearm

15. I've had my hair cut by Lorraine Massey

16. I traveled Europe for a month at age 12

17. I'm a black coffee drinking machine

18. I've owned my own business for 8 years

19. I completed high school early

20. I still wear my hot pink butterfly retainer

21. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 - I keep these words close to my heart

22. Getting lost in a book is the best

23. I want my family to live abroad for at least one year

24. The sea calls to me from afar...I am part mermaid you know

25. There is nothing more delightful than opening the mail box and discovering a hand written letter or small parcel addressed to oneself


  1. Thanks Summer - I really like painting these little people~

  2. Glad I found your blog! I love your art. And your list of 25 things about you was great. Wow- that you shaved your head- wish I could do something like that....

  3. You can! You can!...but let me warn's a painful process growing all that hair back out...