Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is coming. I am already feeling the need to clean out drawers, closets, and cabinets. My husband and I were fortunate to buy our first home last April. Our downtown apartment we rented before buying our home was about 900 square feet. Two tiny bedrooms, 1 bathroom with the added pleasure of banging your knees on the stack-able washer and dryer every time you used the loo, 4 kitchen cabinets for all of our kitchen food and appliances. Ahh...memories... the perks were: our apartment was at the edge of a mountain ( I could literally open the windows in our bedroom and touch the jutting rocks and green moss), we had front row seats to every parade down main street, we lived above a children's boutique and a bath & body store (instant shopping fix), it only took 2 hours to clean the house top to bottom, we enjoyed the church bells from St. Mary's every Sunday. ..

Living in a small space forced us to weed out unnecessary items, make due with what we had, and sometimes deal with things in an odd way. When B was born, we made one of our hall closets the 'nursery'. Now, of course she didn't sleep in the closet or anything like that, but all baby related items and necessities were meticulously organized into that one tiny closet. I loved opening the door and seeing organized perfection.

I love our house now...the children have their own rooms, the fenced in backyard is host to many outdoor adventures, I have more cabinet space than I can fill, I am blessed with my own window lined art studio, but I do miss being forced to live, think, and do things on a small scale. I admit I've become a tad bit lazy with my living simply goals. Now that spring is here, I am ready to begin again.

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