Sunday, May 3, 2009

Remember Newsies? My aunt was on the set designing team (she's an architect) for the film and I could sit for hours listening to how she and her team recreated the early 1900 New York streets...she was also always happy to tell me just how polite and talented Christian Bale was (is) and how she knew he would have a bright future in the industry.

I recently had the opportunity to design and create my own version of newsboy outfits for a local dance production. Above is the progress so far...I wish that boys still dressed this dapper! Can you tell that my daughter is modeling - she was being such a stinker...she's actually on the cell was the only way to keep her still long enough~


  1. a dance company? Sounds like a fun project. I think that these are actually really hip! I think you could get them to make a come back, super cute and sophisticated in a whimsical way. They would make a great full length dress pant for an adult woman too, a little avant gard.

  2. Too cute! Great job!I found you through twitter!Love your style!Love your rings!Very creative and fun!Nice to meet you!